Fashion should be green and green should be Fashiond

Hi Earth Lover!

In living up to our brand name, we feel compelled to be more, to be revolutionary, to be a game changer, to be more than a logo and products. Because April22 is an attitude. It is a movement. It is a way of living. We design and make bio-degradable tights that bring comfort, durability, quality, sexiness, style, and fashion. It’s all about your personality, being genuine, confident, rebelling, being a good person and best version of yourself.

We believe that Celebrating
Earth day should be our daily duty!

As a young female entrepreneur, I celebrated Planet Earth Day a couple of years ago and realized that I couldn’t continue my father’s hosiery business without pondering the repercussions of “Fast Fashion” on our planet’s future generations. This revelation led me to a crossroads where I had to choose between sustainability and style. However, I knew that I couldn’t rest until I found a way to make both a reality.

There is no greater luxury than Sustainable Fashion

Driven by my deep believe that Fashion should be Green and Green should be fashionable, I gathered some “like minded” fashion lovers and paired them with most passionate and nerdy textile techies to create APRIL22. Small thighs brand that is aiming to create the biggest tides in the fashion hosiery industry. Tides that will help the industry become a force for good, helping young generations change the way they think about what they wear and why they wear it.

Easy on the planet- Hard on style

We have a goal to create and build strong relationships of open-minded fashion and environmental enthusiasts, who are willing to take an action, step by step to start fashion revolution. To start changing perspective and way how people see everyday fashion and how their style affects our planet and what can each of us do to make this change.

Project Supported by FITR

The Fund for Innovation and Technology Development (FITD) is a leading government institution for supporting startups and innovative companies in the Republic of North Macedonia.

Established in December 2013, its aim is to encourage innovation by providing additional sources for financing innovations due to the need of building a competitive economy based on knowledge.