Why We Are April22 Now? – The Message

Hello Earth lover! We are April22, a fashion brand with a mission to make a big tide in the fashion industry with our biodegradable tights.

Our brand name is inspired by Planet Earth Day, which falls on April 22nd and reflects our commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness. We are fashion revolutionaries and pro-fashion protestors who are crazy and brave enough to challenge the norms of fast fashion and create a more sustainable future. But we can’t do this alone, we need your help to step out, to start changing our mindset, and our perspective, to communicate, to collaborate, to be more conscious, and start changing ourselves and the people around us.

Let’s face it, the fashion industry has a problem. The hosiery industry, in particular, is notorious for its unsustainable practices. Every year, around 190,000 tons of textile waste are produced and most of which ends up in landfills or incinerated, releasing toxic chemicals and greenhouse gases.
One garbage truck of textiles is dumped into a landfill or incinerated every second. By 2050, it has been estimated that more than 150 million tonnes of clothing would be dumped into landfills or incinerated. Between 2015 and 2050, the weight of these clothes would accumulate to more than ten times that of today’s global population.

As a generation, we are more environmentally conscious than ever before and demand that the fashion industry does better. It’s time to challenge the status quo and demand change.

At APRIL22, we believe that fashion can be sustainable and that we can all play a part in creating a better future. We’re not just selling tights, we’re introducing a vision for a brighter tomorrow. We don’t have to choose between fashion and sustainability.

In living up to our brand name, we feel compelled to be more revolutionary, a game changer, and more than a logo and product. Because April22 is an attitude. It is a movement. It is a way of living. We design and make biodegradable tights that bring comfort, durability, quality, sexiness, style, and fashion, and above all, we are earth friendly. It’s all about your personality, being genuine, confident, rebelling, being a good person, and the best version of yourself.
We have a goal to create and build strong relationships with open-minded fashion and environmental enthusiasts, who are willing to take an action, step by step to start the fashion revolution. To start changing perspective and the way how people see everyday fashion and how their style affects our planet and what can each of us do to make this change.

The world is changing very fast, we need to change and adapt soon. We need to be ahead of time, we need to take some steps, and we need to take an action. We can’t live in this new modern era of artificial intelligence with one step back and not take care of our health, Mother Nature, and everything around us. We must find new sustainable ways of living, starting with taking care of ourselves and being conscious about the textiles that we put on our skin and how many toxins we use as second skin.

Our goal is to change people’s perspectives, find new ways to communicate, and collaborate to make tomorrow better for each of us.

Our Revolutionary Movement aimed to be a life force that brings people together towards the same goals:

  • Impact on an Individual person
  • Impact on Fashion
  • Impact on the Environment
  • Impact on conscious consumption

We have chosen April 22- Earth Day, to start making changes from this day and every day.

Let’s celebrate earth day every day!