Interview with Alex Plaza, founder of Moonchy Bars

We talked to Alex about our shared missions: leading a sustainable brand and making more conscious choices in our everyday lives.

Alex Plaza is founder of Moonchy Bars, vegan organic choc bars with seeds and superfoods designed to support the body’s natural balance. The brand is committed to ensuring 100% organic certified, vegan, ethically sourced ingredients. We appreciate that their packaging is home compostable and plastic free.

Moonchy is also partnered with CleanHub, an organization on a mission to prevent 50% of new ocean plastic by 2030: “If you do something, do it right. When it comes to the environmental friendliness of our products, we do not take shortcuts”.

Our conversation discovers the importance of the community in building sustainable brands, the benefits of practicing seed cycling, and the future of the movement.

1. What inspired you to start Moonchy?

During my studies in strategic entrepreneurship, our focus extended beyond theoretical learning to more hands-on implementation and trying out different ideas. My passion for women’s health and nutrition sparked the idea of simplifying seed cycling practice for women by allowing them to enjoy chocolate every day, ultimately giving birth to Moonchy.

2. What is the brand’s mission and commitment to sustainability?

Moonchy’s mission revolves around revolutionizing female health through a nutritional approach. At the same time, we prioritize the well-being of our beloved Mother Nature as deeply as we prioritize women’s health. Our commitment to sustainability is underlined by utilizing only vegan, natural, organic and ethically sourced ingredients as well as using packaging materials that are completely plastic free. By collaborating with CleanHub, we actively engage in plastic waste collection, reflecting our deep commitment to the plastic free future.


3. Where do you source your delicious ingredients from?

Our ingredients are predominantly sourced locally and adhere to organic principles. But given the diverse range of ingredients we use to produce the bars, elaborating on each one might be a bit challenging.


4. How do you practice sustainability in your everyday life?

My personal choices align with conscious consumption by only purchasing products I really need (usually from small local brands), buying predominantly organic & locally grown food, and building my company with a sustainable future in mind.


5. You use your platform to educate about women’s health. How is the feedback so far?

Feedback for Moonchy has been overwhelmingly positive, with customers reporting improved menstrual cycles, heightened fertility, and an overall positive impact on their well-being through regular consumption of our bars and practicing seed cycling / cycle syncing.


6. Do you think that the big brands will eventually join the sustainability movement?

Absolutely. The evolving consciousness of consumers regarding their ecological footprint and product choices places big brands in a position where they just must adapt to these shifting trends and set the tone for future generations.